Gettin’ By With a Little Help From My Friends.

It is already a well established fact that I have the best friends in whole world. Both the ones from my “real life”, those tangible friends that I can kick under the table should they get out of line, and the new friends I have made online, those crazy writing and reading friends that keep me sane while I’m cooped up and working, are all Rockstars. Despite how cool my friends are, you can still imagine my shock when one of them managed to make me famous over night. Oh yes, I’ve made it! 🙂 I have officially received The Versatile Blogger Award! Cue the triumphant music.

Okay, so maybe it didn’t make me famous. Maybe no one will care about it but a handful of friends and fellow bloggers. Maybe there’s no money involved. Is there money involved, Axel? It doesn’t matter. Sometimes it’s just nice to be told that someone out there appreciates your efforts. Sometimes it’s lovely to know that your snarky bitchiness is not going unread. Thank you Axel Howerton for this award. It really did make my day and proved my suspicion that I have held all along…you do loves me you big Canucklehead 🙂 I feel so very special!

So, according to the rules of this auspicious award, I must do a few things now that I’ve been honored by my fellow blogger. First and foremost, I must thank Axel Howerton for the award. Thank you Axel, you are a fine Canadian curmudgeon and a lovely blogger yourself. You can read his blog here: where he discusses Fine Coffee and Furious Fiction.

Next, I am supposed to pass this award along to five other bloggers that I find worthy. And my list is drumroll please…

Tinkerbell Hell A fellow woman of the snark, she blogs about the everyday hilarity of life.

Marjorie McAtee Possibly the funniest, snarkiest and most clever woman alive! Can you say girl-crush? Because I definitely have one on Marjorie.

Amber Lynn A long-time friend, Amber shares her sometimes painful, but always candid journey about writing and being a single mother.

Jennifer Word This lovely lady is a fellow writer and friend. She also blogs for Dark Moon Books, but her personal blog never fails to be an inspiration to me.

Novel Publicity An awesome resource for writers, Novel Publicity always brings up pertinent subjects and gives their tips in plain english. I have many of their posts bookmarked for future reference.

You are all brilliant and I hope everyone who reads this takes the time to check you each out. Thanks for being some of the rockstars in my life that I enjoy reading.

The last requirement of the award is that I list 7 fun facts about myself. 7…Fun…Facts. Oh Hell. Give me a minute. Fun Facts. Fun Facts. What if there are no fun facts about me? What if I’m boring as hell?  Naw, I’m a rockstar…here goes.

I spent the majority of my adult life working as a Die Caster, and now I know more about molten metal than I ever wanted to.

Axel Howerton is my nemesis.

I have too many tattoos, but only two of them are mice.

The song Memories from the musical Cats makes me cry, but only when Barbara Streisand sings it.

I love tomatoes…but hate ketchup.

I once rode a mechanical bull. I was the only one who didn’t fall off that night. Including the men.

I kissed a full grown Boa Constrictor when I was 4 because I liked how smooth his skin was.

Okay, there you go. Now that you’ve read this, go and check out all those other blogs, including Axel’s. Behold their glory and revel in the bitchy fun. Go! There’s nothing more to see here…



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