Cutting the Fat.

I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s Resolutions. For the most part, I tend to throw them out within a week or two. So the fact that I joined a gym last week has nothing to do with the new year. It does however, have everything to do with the World Horror Convention coming up at the end of March. I have agreed to do a reading and will, hopefully, get the chance to sign some books. There may be people who want to take my picture on the off-chance that I may become famous someday. I know writers aren’t like movie stars. We aren’t expected to be sexy, but damn it, I have pride. I want to look good for this. It’s the first vacation, working or otherwise, that Lou and I have ever taken in over 5 years together. Call me vain. I want to look nice. I quit smoking last year, and it’s starting to catch up to me in a big way.

So I’m eating right (Think-starving to death) and exercising (You know those gerbils in the wheel that we think are so cute? Like that. But less cute and more jiggly). I’ve dug out my microdermabrasion kit (Sandpaper. My face. Yeah.) and I even bought some bleaching toothpaste (Not going to bitch about this. At least I’m not a porn star. You do not want to KNOW what they have to bleach.).  :/

I’m cutting the fat, getting rid of the excesses in my life. I also got word that in 6 weeks or less, Ad Nauseam will officially be released. This got me to thinking about all of the other awesome writers I have met through forums and social networking. I love these people. Most are very personable and I enjoy their responses to my posts and their own thoughts that they launch out into the cybersphere. But there is one thing that being friends with other writers tends to pile upon you. SPAM. No, I don’t mean everyone’s favorite ham flavored treat (Does anyone really eat that shit?), but bookish spam, otherwise known as the Buy My Book Syndrome. There’s nothing wrong with advertising your work. A certain amount of self-promotion is not only smart, but a necessary part of making it in this business. I’m not talking about that. Not at all. I DO THAT.

What I am talking about is the handful of authors, mostly of the indie variety, who think it’s okay to smother my feed and every group I belong to, with their advertisement. I’m not talking about the occasional plug. Oh hell no! Some of these people think it’s okay to plug multiple times a day, on their timeline and every group that they belong to. The end result? Since a good deal of us belong to the same groups, I get splattered by upwards of 12 of the same spammy message at a time. Did I mention this happens multiple times a day?

Since I can’t do anything about what they do in the groups, my only option is to quit those groups and I won’t be shoved out by someone who doesn’t respect others. But I can do something with my timeline. And I lied to you. I DO have a New Year’s Resolution. This year I am cutting the fat. Those of you that flood the networks with nothing more than self-serving ads for your own work, will be hidden from my feeds if not completely dropped. I WILL NOT BUY YOUR BOOK IF YOU DO THIS. This goes double for those who do nothing but spout politics. I also promise not to mention the books I have for sale unless there is pertinent information on them, such as a release or price decrease, more than once every week or two.

No one understands the necessity of self-promotion more than I, but let’s treat this with a modicum of professionalism and restraint. There are better ways to get your name out there than by becoming “that prick that won’t shut up about his stupid book.”

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  • Shellia:

    Jiggly hamsters are cute too! And you will look great…just not as great as me 😉 Oh and porn star bleaching…EWWW

  • *leaps onto table and applauds*

    I totally get what you mean, C.W. Everytime I turn on my iPhone, I have 50 messages. Delete, delete, delete. On the other hand, I understand: we’re all learning as we go. They just have to understand that we saw it, we know it’s there, and when we get around to it, we’ll check it out. If what you have is good, the word is going to get out. *fingers crossed*

    I also get the whole getting into shape thing. I just got back into the habit of doing some floor exercises. I spend 40 minutes or more doing crunches, push-ups, etc., doing what I can to get about 12 pounds off. I ran on and off for a couple of years, but have fallen off of that bandwagon once again. Perhaps when the weather warms up.

    Good luck with all of that. Don’t get too sexy! If during your reading at the event, the dudes in the audience stare at you without blinking, wearing a dazed look as if they cannot even tell you’re talking, chances are you went too far. 😉


  • I quietly did all of the stuff you posted above (not the gym stuff; I plan to be quite rotund for WHC, as I’m going as a civilian) a long time ago. Daily politics posting (whether it be traditional election stuff or PC Police stuff) really annoys the shit out of me.

    • C.W. LaSart:

      But are you sandpapering your face? A little political rant on occasion is forgiveable, but I have even hidden some big name authors whom I respect a great deal on facebook for the too much politics thing.

  • PS- Congrats on ‘Ad Nauseam’ getting an ETA! Can’t wait to read it.

  • Yep, I’ve had to quit a few groups and unsubscribe to numerous feeds on FB recently because of the same couple of people letting us know ten or eleven times an hour that their brand new, self-published novel is out for us to buy, buy, BUY! Seriously? If I’m in something that just came out, I’ll post about it and give the buying links, and I even do a give-away with every release, but some authors go WAY overboard with the self-promotion. Seems like they spend more time on the internet than they do writing.

    • C.W. LaSart:

      Hey now! I spend more time on the internet than writing! Haha-I hear you Wesley, and I want to reiterate that I’m not talking about the majority of self-promotion, rather the extreme cases.

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