Ad Nauseam Released and WHC 2012

What an exciting time it has been over the last few weeks! I’m sorry I’ve been silent on here, but there’s been a whole lot going on. As you all know, Ad Nauseam was released at the beginning of the month and thanks to the support of all my friends and fans, we managed to sell out both Barnes and Noble AND Amazon within hours! Now these were smaller print-runs, but it was still very gratifying and the book continues to sell. I’ve received some very positive sentiments from those who have read it so far, and though the reviews are slow to trickle in, they have been nothing short of amazing! Thank you to everyone who has bought the book so far and I hope you all like it. Because I won’t be able to do many signings with this book, I would like to extend the offer that anyone who wants their copy signed, can contact me at, and I will provide you with a PO Box where you can send it for signing. I will mail it right back.

This Thursday, I will be boarding a plane for my first ever convention. I’m so excited to see the beautiful Salt Lake City and attend the World Horror Convention 2012. I will be finally meeting my publisher and many of his staff face-to-face, as well as many other horror writers that I have only conversed with on the internet. Lou and I will have the great honor of attending the Bram Stoker Awards, as well. It should be great time and I promise I will post photos when I get back. For those who will be at the convention, Dark Moon Books/Dark Moon Digest will be having a launch party at 10:30 on Friday night and I will be doing a signing at that time. I will also be reading my story, The Hand That Feeds, at a time to be announced later. I hope to see some familiar faces in the crowd!

Well, that’s all for now. I have a great deal to do before I leave Thursday, but I promise to share photos and stories (and maybe even a video!) when I get back. Looking forward to meeting many of you at WHC, and for those that won’t be in attendance…I will miss you my friends! Much Love—C.W. LaSart

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  • Scott (theenormityofitall):

    CW? I’m keeping my promise and will buy 2 probably next month, ok?

  • Max:

    I am waiting on getting my copy Thursday, and of course a nice autograph to go along with it…

  • So glad I stopped by this morning. I am actually at WHC as well. And I’m pitching to Dark Moon (Saturday, I think?) I remembered that you had used them and was going to name drop if you don’t mind 🙂

    Congrats on the success of the book. I’ve always loved the cover. Will have to get some cash together and pick up a copy. Hopefully get a chance to meet you. I’m going to try and stick around for the party tonight (I’m not actually staying at the hotel. I have family in SLC).

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer’s not necessarily horrific blog

    • Was great meeting you Paul, and I really enjoyed your reading! Good luck with Dark Moon and I look forward to (hopefully) calling you a member of the Dark Moon family 🙂

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