Contracts, Social Networks, and other Exciting Shit.

So that’s me in the picture above. Yep, I know what you are thinking, C.W. LaSart is the least photogenic woman in the world! And you would be right. But hey, I’m not a model. I’m a writer, so I don’t have to look good! Trust me, I wouldn’t have posted the picture at all if it wasn’t for what I am doing in it. This is me at one of the most important moments of my career. Signing my first writing contract. As far as writing contracts go, it’s a small one. Only one story in a chapbook with five other authors, but it’s WHO it’s for that makes it impressive. Cemetery Dance, perhaps the best known and most influential publisher in the horror industry. Their magazine is one of the few that has stood the test of time, and their limited edition books sell out fast. I can hardly believe I am being granted the honor, not only of being published in one of their chapbooks, but also to be sharing the pages with such horror legends as Ray Garton, Douglas Clegg, and one Mr. Brian Keene! Please allow me a rockstar moment Fuck Yeah, baby! In the coming weeks I will finally be signing the contract for my first book, Ad Nauseam as well. I will, no doubt, be taking a horrible picture of myself signing that one and sharing it too.

On to the social networking front. Generally this isn’t all that exciting for me. I hate social networking, but I seem to be good at it. That’s me, the big ol’ social networking whore! I have Twitter, 3 facebook accounts, Goodreads, LinkedIn, multiple forums I am a member of, and now Google+. Yay me. I now need to hire someone just to keep up with all that shit! Oh wait, I’m not rich. Guess I will have to do it myself. Honestly, if I could afford to hire anyone to do anything for me, it would be a maid. Oh how I hate house work, even worse than social networking-but I have begun to ramble here.

Anyway, all this social networking is generally a drag for me, but there have been some fairly exciting things that have occurred on there. I am very near to my thousandth twitter follower, whom I have promised a signed copy of Dark Moon Digest Issue #4, and I have over 200 fans on facebook. Also, when I posted that awful picture above on facebook, I got an overwhelmingly positive response from friends and family as well as some peers in the business. I am giddy like a schoolgirl! Jonathan Mayberry, Ray Garton, Joe McKinney, Bev Vincent, Richard Chizmer, and Michael Laimo all either liked the post or even commented with their support! Now you might think this is shameless bragging and name-dropping, and you would be correct! Sue me-I’m excited! As if I haven’t gushed enough, might I add that the incomparable Mr. Brian Keene added or circled (or whatever the hell you call it) little old me on Google+! Oh yeah, definitely feeling the rockstar right now.

I think I will stop now, one can only brag so much before people start wanting to string you up by the neck from nearest wall hook or lamp post. No? Is it just me then? Oh well…..that’s all for this week, but all you horror fans should really google the names I listed above and buy some of their books. These are all masters of the genre and I promise they will scare you……

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