~A lifelong fan of all things horror, C. W. LaSart has always been a story teller.  Residing in the Midwest with her soul mate, three wonderful children, an extremely ugly bulldog and a neurotic sheepdog, she spends her days writing and her evenings as a part-time bar wench in an Irish Pub. Her short story Jack and Jill, can be found in Issue #1 of Dark Moon Digest, and Sirens will be in Issue #4 which should be released this Summer. Also, a collection of her more extreme fiction, Ad Naseum, will be released in the Fall of 2011 by Dark Moon Books. She thanks Stephen King, Robert R. McCammon and Brian Lumley (just to name a few) for their inspiration in her life. She is still afraid of the dark.~
Hello Friends!
Thank you for stopping by to check out my website. Feel free to knock around in here a bit~it’s still pretty simple, but I have big plans for it. I have been writing stories my whole life but only recently took a stab at the publishing industry. Imagine my surprise when my very first attempt resulted in publication! Since then I have been very busy, writing new stories almost every week and holding myself to a strict submission schedule of four stories a month. Several have resulted in rejection and many are still pending, but I have made the final round of some contests and recently learned that another of my stories is going to see print this Summer. One submission for an extreme anthology, made such an impression on the editor that he offered me my own book deal! My extreme anthology, AD NAUSEUM, will be released this Fall by Dark Moon Books. This is a very exciting time for me and I’m happy to take you along for the ride. People often ask where I get my ideas for stories and I always tell them, My muse is a dark and twisted Bitch that drives me relentlessly! The truth is that I don’t find my stories, they just sort of find me. That’s the only way I can describe it. I am still afraid of the dark, that much is the truth, but you would be too if you had these monsters living in your head. Who knows, maybe you do! For those of you who’ve read one of my stories and found this site because of it, feel free to drop me a line! Love it or hate it, I want to know what you thought. Thanks again for taking the time out of your busy day to visit. See you soon, in the dark, where the monsters live!
C.W. LaSart
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