Jack and Jill Dark Moon Digest Issue #1 October 2010

A Wise Woman’s Revenge(3rd Place) SNM Horror Magazine May Medieval Issue May 2011

Sirens Dark Moon Digest Issue #4 July 2011

All the Rage   Dark Moon Presents: Zombies! September 2011

Mommy  Dark Moon Presents: Ghosts! October 2011

Sekhmet’s Daughters:The Interrogation of Dr. Silverman  Dark Moon Presents: Vampires! November 2011

The House CalFrightmares! Winter 2011

A Wise Woman’s Revenge (reprint)Wake The Witch Anthology, May December Publications  2011

Sirens (reprint) Dark River Magazine February 2012

Ad Nauseam 13 tales of Extreme Horror  Dark Moon Books, March of 2012

Dr. Johnson’s Patient Bad Dreams and New Screams Limited Chapbook by Cemetery Dance early 2012

Shadow of a Doubt  Slices of Flesh Charity Anthology, Dark Moon Books early 2012

Somnambulism Coming soon from Eirelander Press 2012

Playing Doctor Coming soon in the as-of-yet unnamed Coffin Hop Anthology 2012

To Each His Own Hell Carnival of the Damned, by Evil Jester Press (to be announced) 2012

The Wee Ones Nightscapes Anthology Nightscape Press (Coming Soon) 2013

The Job No Place Like Home: Tales From a Fractured Future by Angelic Knight Press (coming soon) 2013

Her Perfect Lover 50 Shades of Decay by Angelic Knight Press (coming soon) 2013

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