First of all, I would like to thank God, for granting me a relentless imagination and the talent to express it. A huge thanks to my parents and my sister, Kristi, for always being there for me and helping to form me into the adult that I am today. My beloved Lou, for always believing in me, never once even considering the thought that I might not be able to do it! Love ya Babe! My 3 remarkable children, for being the only reason that I even get out of bed most days! Mommy loves you all and you make my life worth living! To all my friends and facebook fans for your constant encouragement. To Kacy, for being my constant reader and the best damned editor and friend a gal could ask for (also for working in exchange for the little trinkets that I send!) And last but not least~my wonderful friends and family that serve as my beta group: My Mom Deb Widner, Louis LaSart, Kacy Danek, Angela Paulson, Jeni Huffman, Amanda Grohs, Marcia Jensen and my favorite brother-in-law William Collins! And a massive thank you to Stan Swanson and his team at Dark Moon for giving me a chance! If I have forgotten anyone, know that you all have my gratitude and love!

A HUGE Thanks to Jeana from Identifex for helping me to set up and design this website! You rock!

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