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WHC 2012 Part 1: Joe McKinney Drank My Vodka.

Hello friends! I’m back from sunny Salt Lake City, and though still exhausted from the experience, I’m filled to the brim with excitement and the need to share all the wonderful things that happened at the World Horror Convention. In fact, there was so much going on, that I’ve decided to break things up over several weeks, to ensure that I cover it all. I won’t be going in chronological order, but you should get the gist of how the weekend went.

Where to start? I had decided that I would play it cool should I meet anyone I admire, and I wouldn’t allow myself to be star-struck by anyone. You have to act like a rock star if you want to be a rock star. You know what I mean? That lasted about five minutes, just long enough for me to spy Joe McKinney. To say I’m a fan is an understatement, and though we had meager interaction on facebook, the generic friendship and an occasional comment or “like”, I was stunned to actually see him in person. I froze, I began to sweat, I felt dizzy (I was suffering from altitude sickness, but I digress). There, within poking distance, stood someone I had on my bookshelves, someone I greatly admired, someone I had a writerly crush on! Non-writers may not understand this. It’s not the same as a regular crush, not a sexual thing, rather a feeling that someone is so cool, so amazing, that you would give anything to know them, maybe even to be them.

So picture it if you will, me standing around doing the convention thing for the first two days, enjoying myself immensely, but constantly seeing people who I’ve wanted to meet for a long time. I would tell myself to just go up and say Hi, but then I would get nervous. My eyes got sparkly and my mouth dry. Just do it. I would think. He’s just a person! No. No he’s not! He’s Joe Fuckin McKinney. You’ve read his books. He’s up for a Stoker. Say something! No, don’t say anything. You might look like a douchey dickface! Run. RUN AWAY! And so I hovered on the edge, wandering away at the last moment. I think I may have said Hi at some point, but again scurried away like a nervous little stalker.

I wish I could clearly remember actually meeting Joe, I think it had something to do with Lou asking for an autograph and me just striking up conversation. I know that it was at the Dark Moon Party and Stan was there. Little did I know, in just moments I would be sharing a drink in my room with a group of people that included Joe McKinney. He only had one drink, but he stayed awhile and we all talked writing. I was a bit too inebriated to really grasp what was going on, and I’m sure I’ve never acted less like  a  rock star in my life, but it was very cool. Joe is incredibly nice and approachable, very real and easy-going. He has kids around the same age as my own. I was already a fan, but this made me like him that much more. It also gave me the courage to approach others that had made me too nervous the day before. Over the next couple of days, I saw Joe many times and spoke to him often. He told me stories that made me laugh. My nervousness abated some and I was really honored to be present when he was awarded his first Stoker Award for his novel, Flesh Eaters. I haven’t read that one yet, but having enjoyed his previous work, I already recommend it! You should buy it, not just because Joe is an incredible writer (he is), but also because he’s an amazingly nice person. You can get it on Amazon by clicking the picture on the left.

During this convention, I met so many amazing people. Rocky Wood, Robert McCammon (briefly), Jeff Strand and many small press editors. I hung out with Stoker winners and fellow newbies alike. I was able to meet people that I have conversed with through social media, some of them nearly everyday for the last year. It was awesome. Stacey Turner from Angelic Knight Press and Robert Shane Wilson and Mark Scioneaux from Knightscape Press were so fun to party with. My Dark Moon Crew, Stan, Mina and all the others. But especially my good friends Jen Word, Julie Jansen and Craig Garrett. I know that I’m missing tons of people, but we could be here all day if I listed them all. The point is, I met many great people and had a wonderful time. I left the WHC feeling more confident in myself, yet humbled by the level of talents that had touched my hand.

I really look forward to the next convention. I hope to see Joe and all of the other great writers that I had the honor of hanging out with. Maybe next time I won’t be so nervous. Maybe I’ll even act cool like I had originally planned. I doubt it, but……it could happen.

Ad Nauseam Released and WHC 2012

What an exciting time it has been over the last few weeks! I’m sorry I’ve been silent on here, but there’s been a whole lot going on. As you all know, Ad Nauseam was released at the beginning of the month and thanks to the support of all my friends and fans, we managed to sell out both Barnes and Noble AND Amazon within hours! Now these were smaller print-runs, but it was still very gratifying and the book continues to sell. I’ve received some very positive sentiments from those who have read it so far, and though the reviews are slow to trickle in, they have been nothing short of amazing! Thank you to everyone who has bought the book so far and I hope you all like it. Because I won’t be able to do many signings with this book, I would like to extend the offer that anyone who wants their copy signed, can contact me at, and I will provide you with a PO Box where you can send it for signing. I will mail it right back.

This Thursday, I will be boarding a plane for my first ever convention. I’m so excited to see the beautiful Salt Lake City and attend the World Horror Convention 2012. I will be finally meeting my publisher and many of his staff face-to-face, as well as many other horror writers that I have only conversed with on the internet. Lou and I will have the great honor of attending the Bram Stoker Awards, as well. It should be great time and I promise I will post photos when I get back. For those who will be at the convention, Dark Moon Books/Dark Moon Digest will be having a launch party at 10:30 on Friday night and I will be doing a signing at that time. I will also be reading my story, The Hand That Feeds, at a time to be announced later. I hope to see some familiar faces in the crowd!

Well, that’s all for now. I have a great deal to do before I leave Thursday, but I promise to share photos and stories (and maybe even a video!) when I get back. Looking forward to meeting many of you at WHC, and for those that won’t be in attendance…I will miss you my friends! Much Love—C.W. LaSart

While I Was Away…


Hello Friends! Sorry I’ve been away so long, but life has been very busy here and I’ve been working hard to make sure that Ad Nauseam will be on time for its release on the 1st of March. All of the editing and formatting is done, and it is now in the hands of the powers that be (in this case, they would be the printer and Amazon) and hopefully it will be available on time. If not, don’t worry. It won’t be too long now. I’m extremely nervous and excited to finally hold it in my hands. There’s a big difference between wondering how your first book will sell and actually having it out there to succeed or fail as it will. I hope it does well, but that will be up to you as readers. If you enjoy it, please mention me to your horror-minded friends and maybe a quick review on Amazon or Barnes and Nobles? If you despise it, please feel free to contact me and tell me what you hated. I can take the pain. I promise not to cry. In fact, I may enjoy it.

It was bound to happen, I knew I could not be universally loved, but I recently came across my first negative review of one of my stories. I was a little stunned at first, but quickly became amused as well. Not only did the reviewer hate my story, but she hated it more than any of the others in the anthology, saving a full page of vitriol for my tale when all others got anywhere from a few lines to one short paragraph. By the end of the review, I was laughing so hard that I had to call and share it with a friend. Don’t get me wrong, I mostly agreed with her assessment of the story. It was by far one of my weakest, a zombie story that I wrote on request despite the fact that I don’t like to write about zombies, but the fact that she felt such strong hatred for what was such a simple tale, amused me. I don’t know why. I’m wired wrong in the whole humor department. 🙂 Anyway, I immediately contacted her and, rather than defend my story, I offered her a copy of Ad Nauseam to review when it’s released. Rather than shy from the negative review, I offered up another chance for her to eviscerate my writing in the near future. I hope she likes my collection better than she liked that story, but if not, I can take it. I am always open to hearing the opinions of my readers, both positive and negative. Until the book is released and you are able to form those opinions, here is a sneak peek of what the back cover looks like!

 At the end of March I will be accompanying my publisher, Stan Swanson, and some of the employees of DMB/DMD to the World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City. It is my first convention and I’m very excited. I’m also a little terrified as it will be my first public reading and signing. Okay, I lied. I’m a whole lot terrified of the entire trip. It will be fun and crazy and wonderful, but it’s so far outside my usual comfort zone that I could throw up a little just thinking about it. Starting with only my second plane ride (the last one was 15 years ago), readings, signings and possibly meeting some of my most esteemed peers in the horror industry, this trip has the potential to be one of the most fun-filled yet anxiety-ridden events of my life! I’m ecstatic. I’m petrified. I only hope that I will be able to conduct myself with dignity and properly represent Dark Moon Books in a noble fashion. Naw, I’m just yanking your chain. I intend to drink like a rockstar and have the time of my life. Okay, maybe there will be a happy medium somewhere in there, but I guarantee there will be a shot of over-priced whiskey drank before I do that reading. Maybe two. For medicinal purposes only. One must tend to their nerves…

So if you are waiting for the release of Ad Nauseam as anxiously as I am, rest assured that it should be released in the next couple of weeks. AND if you happen to find yourself anywhere near Salt Lake City at the end of March, swing by and watch me do my first reading, then I’ll be happy to sign your book. What’s that? Why yes! Of course you can buy me a drink…


Let The Good Times Roll…

I should be getting ready for work; yet another New Year’s Eve spent serving my patrons as they let go of the old and usher in the new. Instead I find myself here, at the computer, reflecting on the monumental changes that one year can make in our lives. New Years always leaves me feeling a bit melancholy. When I hang up my bar towel and put away my jiggers tonight, it will be 2012. Another year gone and a new one begun. What a whirlwind 2011 has been for me, and 2012 promises to be so much more. It’s kind of scary.

This year has been great, many short stories written and accepted. An entire anthology penned in 5 short months. The Cemetery Dance Amateur Writer’s Contest won, gaining me entrance at the affiliate level to one of my biggest dreams, the Horror Writer’s Association. Contracts signed and so many friendships formed. Having been penning short stories for just a little under two years now, I realized that I have about a 90% acceptance rate. Not for all of my submissions (I’ve gotten my fair share of rejections), but the number of stories that have found a home. Few still sit in queue, waiting. I am honored and humbled by the events of the last year and the impact they have had on my life.

As great as 2011 has been to me, 2012 promises so much more. There are a great deal of experiences awaiting me this year that both thrill and terrify me. Here’s a short list of the things I have to look forward to in the next year:

~The release of my first anthology, AD NAUSEAM 13 Tales of Extreme Horror.

~My first ever convention, and not just any convention. The World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City where I will:

  1. Meet my publisher for the first time in person, as well as many other writers that I have become friends with                   
  2. Do my first public reading of my work (seriously, this one causes me indigestion)
  3. Do my first ever book signing (also a little queasy about this, but it mostly feels silly. Who would want my autograph?!)
  4. Help represent Dark Moon Books at it’s first public appearance.

~My own book launch in my home town, which involves so much planning, organizing, funding and other crap that…excuse me, I need to go throw up now!

~My debut into the grown-up world of accountants and tax-deductions. No longer will I be able to go the EZ route, I will now have to save receipts and figure out some way to be a more organized person than I am.

~The end of the world in some Mayan-predicted cataclysm….wait, that one probably won’t happen 😉

I guess what I’m trying to say is this, 2011 was a great year for me and 2012 looks to be even better, but part of me wants to hold on to this year for just a little longer. Every year brings change for us all, some years more than others, and change can be a very scary thing.

I would rather spend the evening with my family, but it’s always fun to see others enjoy the New Year as well. I hope that 2012 brings many wonderful changes for you as well. Most of all, I hope it brings health and happiness to you and those that you love. I thank you all for the support that you have shown. I couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. I promise to pull up my big -girl pants and face 2012 with a brave face, knowing I am blessed with the love and support of so many wonderful people. Even if it scares me to death…


My New Hobby~Idiot Search

It’s Monday once again my friends. Time to dust off my soapbox and climb aboard. This rant will be brief, as I am right in the middle of a project, but I thought I’d take a short break to share with you my latest hobby/obsession. I like to call it GoogleWreck or IdiotSearch, and I have lost many hours of what could’ve been productive time to this. I just can’t help myself, they make it so easy. The main focus of my mindless pursuit is, of course, the writing industry. This is not only because it interests me, but because some writers seem so prone to show their asses on the web. Never before have I seen so many people act like assholes over poor reviews. And to be fair, it’s not just the writers. I have even seen some small presses fall into this trap, engaging in flame wars on the net that have forever marked them in my mind as a press I will not submit to. Ever.

Those of you who don’t spend much time chatting with and following other author’s may think you don’t know what I’m talking about but, trust me, you do. You know those friends on facebook who regularly air their dirty laundry right there on your timeline? Sure you do, we all have them. The Drama Hounds who will give every detail of their last fight with so-and-so and other info that makes them look like an asshole. The best part is when they give some vague status update about how pissed they are at someone, only to refuse to give the details to commenters. I’ll DM you, it’s private. Really?!! Then why did you bring it up? Asshole.

Back to the writers. I am friends with a large number of self-published authors who run blogs and put out their work in e-format. The majority of them are very professional and though I may not enjoy their writing (Some I do, some I don’t), they really seem to be making the extra effort to show the world that they take their craft seriously. There are, however, a few that haven’t gotten that memo. These people are a goldmine of amusement for the rest of us. From Amazon to blogs, these idiots can be found grumbling and insulting their own reviewers in meltdowns that become very spectacular. I was recently a target, where my constructive criticism was met with a Fuck You and a question of whether or not I was getting laid regularly enough. As if the only reason I might take exception to an illiterate blog post was that I was sexually frustrated. Well thank you! You are so right, I shall correct that problem immediately. If you claim to be a writer wanting me to buy your book and the best defense you can come up with is, You suck Poopyhead! Get Laid!, then you aren’t much of a writer at all.

There is one particular person in the horror industry that provides more entertainment than most. The writers will know who I’m talking about without my having to say names, and the rest of you can find it in the comments section of my post about David Boyer, if you are really curious and willing to do the work. Anyway, this poor guy is so delusional and obviously unbalanced, that scores of websites have been developed for the sole purpose of mocking him. This may sound like a cruel case of cyber bullying to some of you and I guess in a way it is, but if you spend just 5 minutes looking into it, you  will see he brings it on himself. He goes looking for it, attacking random strangers in such offensive and strange ways that they eventually retaliate. It is actually through mindless perusal of his antics that I have found so many others worthy of my new hobby. Thanks man, you bring me much amusement. I love your rambling rants and hollow threats. Congrats. You are the train wreck that the rest of us can’t look away from.

An individual writer who acts like a whiny bitch is only hurting him/herself. But what about when the head of a small press does it? Not only do they hurt the reputation of the company, but the reputations of the writers they have published. This is a bit more heinous in my book. One such publisher, a former facebook friend of mine, recently posted email correspondance between himself and a blogger who criticized his publication, in a note on facebook. This was not posted under a personal account, rather the account bearing the name of the press. What sticks out most in my mind is this:

  1.  The email by the publisher was barely literate, including none of the proper spelling, grammar, capitalization or punctuation that one would expect from someone who calls themselves a writer and an editor.
  2. Open threats made to the blogger. Physical threats.
  3. The fact that he openly aired his dirty laundry to potential submitters and readers alike.

And here’s what happened. I lookied up that blog site and read what the blogger had to say. I then looked on Amazon at the reviews given to the publisher’s work, where I was able to see how badly he reacted to negative reviews. I made the decision then and there that I would never submit to that particular small press, nor would I buy his books since he didn’t seem to have even gotten to first base with the English language, let alone made it his bitch. I dropped the publisher on facebook and added his mortal enemy The Blogger. Why did I add the blogger? Because he was articulate and made sense. He’s snarky and a bit mean, but then again, so am I. You see how well that worked out for the small press publisher? Yeah, not at all.

You should never defend yourself to reviewers. Who cares if they didn’t like the book. If your work is good, it will stand up to negative comments. King has gotten plenty. If your press is being blogged about in a negative light, you should ignore it. Who cares. Going on to their site and making an ass out of yourself will only show how unprofessional you really are, and prove the bloggers point. If someone is questioning your press, defend it professionally, as my own publisher did here when questioned at the Absolute Write Water Cooler. Notice how respectful he was? He tried his best to answer questions, even when the tone of the question was negative. Good job Stan! I am proud to work with you.

I guess what I am saying is this, if you are a writer or publisher trying to sell your craft, don’t defend yourself to reviewers. Keep your blogs professional. Though the tone may be light and unconventional, atleast use your damned spellcheck! And don’t air your dirty laundry to the public, whining for support and throwing juvenile insults toward the evil bloggers that have hurt your little feelings. Flame wars may get hits to your website, but they don’t sell books if you end up looking like a trainwreck. For those of you who still think it’s okay to show your ass on the net? Go for it. There are teams of bloggers just waiting to make your unique brand of crazy, their platform to mock you. And I will happily read it. You make it just a little bit easier for the rest of us to sell books. 🙂


Dark Moon Presents GHOSTS!

Happy Monday friends! I trust you have all survived the weekend. Today I am going to spare you from my usual rant and just do a little shameless promoting! Dark Moon Presents GHOSTS! is now available wherever books are sold, including my short story Mommy . Just click the picture above to buy from Amazon. I hope you will all check it out! Remember that the back cover art is special and when you place Dark Moon Presents ZOMBIES! (already available), Dark Moon Presents GHOSTS!, and Dark Moon Presents VAMPIRES! (out soon) together, it will form a unique image. Did I also mention that I have stories in all three? So why not check out these excellent special editions while we all wait for the release of Ad Nauseam in January? You won’t be sorry. I might even scare you….

Are You Horror’s Biggest Fan?

Happy Monday once again my friends! Here we are only 2 weeks away from Halloween and just 7 short days from the beginning of the Coffin Hop! I hope you are as excited as I am. Fall is in full swing and I feel my mood lifting as my favorite season takes hold. 🙂 No self-respecting horror fan would admit to loving Summer over Fall. It’s against the rules. You must love Halloween, Stephen King and all things Lovecraft to be a true horror fan. Wait….what? I don’t even like Lovecraft (though I do adore Mr. King.) Are you as tired as I am of genre snobs trying to tell you what’s acceptable to like and what you must consider garbage? You know who I’m talking about, maybe it’s even YOU! Those people who consider themselves elite, their opinions above everyone else’s, their knowledge superior. They often use the word purist, and they are present in every avenue of artistic beauty, from music, to films, to literature.

I went to the movies this weekend with my beloved Lou. Despite reading nothing but horrendous reviews, we decided to take a chance on The Thing, which promised to be a prequel to the original, rather than a remake. Having not seen a single positive note about the film, I will admit I had lowered my expectations. I must say, though it wasn’t the best horror film I have ever seen, it wasn’t bad. We both enjoyed it. Neither one of us felt we’d been screwed out of 20 bucks and two hours of our lives. The review that sticks out most in my mind, went on and on about the lack of suspense compared to the original, the lack of character development compared to the original, the blah-de-fucking-blah compared to the original. Anyway, it got me thinking about that group of assholes, you know who I’m talking about, that think they are Horror’s Biggest Fan. It’s not enough that they declare they have seen EVERYTHING horror has to offer, but they also will dissect each and every film (or book) claiming to understand the directors motives and using pretentious terms that only college professors appreciate. You know, that schmuck that rolls his eyes, should you admit you don’t see the genius in Sam Raimi’s work, and calls you an imbecile.

These people are present in all walks of life, I have noticed they can be particularly obnoxious in the music industry, but I ask you this, why do we tolerate it? Shouldn’t you have the right to like what you like, without some pretentious prick feeling that it is his/her duty to illustrate to you just how and why you are wrong? And that’s the funniest part. It’s opinion for cripes sake! There is no right or wrong. I’m not picking on my friends who said they didn’t like The Thing. That’s their opinion and I totally respect them for it. I’m talking about that more heinous group of individuals who would treat me like a caveman for not liking Lovecraft. Clearly I am uncouth and know nothing of the genre.

Before I go any farther, some of you may be thinking back to the unfavorable post I did on the re-make of Fright Night. I stated clearly that it was only my opinion, openly admitting that I was prejudiced against the film due to both the 3D and the fact that it was a childhood favorite. I look forward to giving it another chance on DVD.

The most humorous thing about Horror’s Biggest Fan, is with his ever-present disdain for anything mainstream or commercially popular, he fails to recognize his own hypocrisy. Should you mention Scream, he will throw out some obscure title, delighting in the fact you’ve never heard of it, and informing you of how it is far superior horror since it never gained mainstream acceptance. In fact, the only constant that seems true of all these people, whether they are talking about literature or music or whatever they have styled themselves to be the experts about, is that anything with commercial success is shit. If it is universally loved by the masses, it must be worthless. I bet these people hate puppies. And fucking apple pie!

I don’t believe that you should jump on bandwagons and like something just because everyone else does. But I think it’s just as big a sin to not give something a chance because it’s popular. We are all individuals with different tastes and perceptions. I like what I like, regardless of what others say. Especially genre snobs. In fact, I will listen to their pretentious bullshit only if forced. Of course, what do I know? I’m just a buffoon who enjoys Sam Raimi’s movies, but wouldn’t call them genius. These idiots are the same ones who will soon be leaving me rambling reviews on Amazon, comparing me to Lovecraft and outlining all the ways I come up short. Now that’s scary……

The Coffin Hop is sneaking up on us! Get ready for the fun next Monday when 80+ horror authors will be hosting contests that will put the Howl in your Halloween! Visit me again on Monday, October 24th for a chance to win the items in the picture below, including a signed copy of Dark Moon Digest Presents Zombies!

Ad Nauseam Update

Hello my friends. I hope this Monday has found you all happy and healthy. Here we are a mere 3 weeks away from All Hallow’s Eve and only 2 weeks from the beginning of the Coffin Hop. What an exciting month October is! My daughters are still deciding what to be for Halloween, but my son has already appropriated my green, brain-shaped jello mold to serve as his exposed brain for what will no doubt be a kick-ass zombie costume! That’s my boy! 😉 I’m sure those girls will do me proud as well. I myself am leaning towards a delightful Little Red Riding Hood…..from hell! No worries, I will post pictures on my Halloween Day blog post.

I know that many of you have been with me since the beginning of Ad Nauseam, following along as I accepted the project and wrote about my journey. I really appreciate every one of you and all of your support. I also know that some of you are eager for the release of Ad Nauseam, something I had promised would take place this Fall. Well, I didn’t exactly lie to you. We HAD planned for the release next month and the work was done. We could’ve brought it out on time, but after much discussion between myself and Stan Swanson from Dark Moon Books, we have decided to delay the release until early January of 2012. I’m sorry to disappoint my friends that have been so eager to read this collection, but let me assure you that there are very valid reasons for this decision and I am 100% behind it. It’s only a few more months, and it gives us some advantages that make it worth the wait.

For those of you who just can’t wait, I encourage you to pick up a copy Dark Moon Presents Zombies! which includes my only zombie story (some would disagree and call Jack and Jill a zombie story but I maintain that it IS NOT!) All The Rage. Over the next 2 months, Dark Moon Presents Ghosts! and Dark Moon Presents Vampires! will also be released and include stories I’ve written as well, including 3rd place winner Mommy.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the stories that will be included in Ad Nauseam:

Sister Alice’s Suitor  A lonely woman learns the hard way that if God doesn’t answer your prayers, the devil may be all too willing to help you out.

Simple Pleasures  Yardwork takes on a chilling and seductive twist for a simple bachelor who wakes one morning to discover strange holes in his backyard.

Micah’s Muse  What if your muse really was a twisted bitch. And what if she moved into your house?

The Hand That Feeds  There are some crimes that other prisoners find unnacceptable, and even the insane sometimes believe the punishment should fit the crime.

Look for these stories and more in Ad Nauseam:13 Tales of Extreme Horror available online where books are sold in January of 2012!


Fun Is Fun and Done Is Done!

Happy Labor Day my friends! I hope you are all out enjoying the season’s last hoorah for picnics and outdoor activities, but I know that sadly, a lot of you are working today. What a strange holiday. For all who are lucky enough to work jobs with paid holidays, how about we give extra appreciation to those in the service industry who do not? I’d like to give a shout out to the hardworking crew at Dempsey’s Brewery, Pub and Restaurant who are slaving away today to make sure the people of this little burg can have a burger and a pint if they so desire. Also to the police, medical personal, firemen, soldiers etc. who never have a day off from their service. You guys/gals are all rockstars in my book!

On a different subject, I am happy to announce that I have finished the final story for Ad Nauseam. We are in the home stretch now! Just some editing, choosing the 13 stories which will make the book, formatting, proofreading then off to the printer! It’s close my friends, and I am feeling such a sense of relief. The last 5 months have been amazing, the opportunities and friends made, but I’m tired and looking forward to taking a break for a couple of weeks. Of course, that’s after I finish two or three other projects, but damnit! there must be a vacation in there somewhere! Thank you all fr supporting me during this crazy time and letting me hop on my soapbox to vent! You are all great. I hope that next week I will be able to get back to a more informative post, but this week I’m too burned out for the brainstorming.

It will still be a couple of months (maybe less, fingers crossed!) until Ad Nauseam is available, but until then check out the Special Issues from Dark Moon Digest that are being released in September, October and November. ZOMBIES! is already available wherever books are sold and includes my story All The Rage. I hope you enjoy it! Dark Moon Presents : ZOMBIES!

Some Rock Stars In My Life!

I have already advised you all about the importance of not being an asshole, so to save myself from coming across as one, I think it’s about time I mentioned some very important people in my life. This last year has been one of the most amazing of my life, with many very exciting opportunities and  occurrences. I wonder how I could’ve possibly dealt with it on my own. Actually, I know the answer to that. I couldn’t have. With that in mind, I would like to introduce you all to some Rock Stars in my own life. The people who help me be who I am. Here they are in no particular order.

First off I want to thank my family. My three wonderful children who make me get up every morning and try. Watching them grow up with their dreams and ambitions has given me a reason to chase my own. Mommy loves you wee ones! My beloved Lou who has given me the love and happiness required to be in the frame of mind I need to write, and the unwavering support despite losing my company many late nights to a glowing computer screen. My parents who have never failed to support me in whatever I try to do, and raised me to believe that I can have or be whatever I want if I work hard enough for it. My sister, brother-in-law and niece and nephews whom I don’t see nearly enough, but who always have my back no matter what.

Thank you to the best group of friends a gal could have! Kacy who pre-edits ALL my work for nothing more than friendship. Jeni, Angie, Marcia, and Amber for believing in me and refusing to entertain the notion that I might NOT be the next Stephen King. Thanks for all the support from my extended group of friends and writers such as Craig Wallwork, Draven Ames and Ken Cain-you guys rock! And of course my colleagues at Dark Moon Digest-Kevin McClintock, Araminta Mathews, Julie Jansen, Jennifer Word, Axel Howerton, David AET, Max Booth III and Craig Garrett, for not only being great writers, but making me feel like a part of the family.

Thank you to Jeana Cherland for designing the website, cuz Lord knows I couldn’t have done it without help. All my facebook fans and twitter followers-without you guys, what would be the point?

Perhaps one of the biggest thanks to Stan Swanson of Dark Moon Digest and Dark Moon Books, for not only taking a chance on me, but believing in my writing enough to help me pursue my dreams. Stan is a wonderful guy and during this process we have crossed the line from author/publisher, to being friends. You rock out loud Stan!

And last but not least-I thank God for all my blessings, my opportunities and whatever talent I may have (which some will no doubt find debatable). Thank you also to my MUSE-that twisted bitch who lives in my head, way deep where it’s dark and scary, relentlessly driving me on to tell my tales.

I certainly hope I didn’t leave anyone out, but I’m sure I have. If you are one of those very deserving souls in need of recognition, forgive for the oversight. I wouldn’t want to lose any of your friendships or wonderful presences in my life. Without my amazing group of friends and family, I would be nothing more than a woman and a computer screen, quietly pecking my life away. What a frightening thought!


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