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And The Winner Is…

The Boogeyman!

Just Click Big Steve’s face above to read my review of The Boogeyman and start Stephen King month off with a blast! Make sure to check back regularly to see what horror greats like Jonathan Maberry, Joe McKinney and MANY more have to say.~C.W.

WHC 2012 Part 3: For The Love Of Stan!

Hello again, friends! Time for another installment of my experiences from the fabulous World Horror Convention 2012, in Salt Lake City, Utah. I would like to dedicate this one to all of the wonderful people that I met in person, whom up until then, had only been friends through email and facebook.

This may sound crazy to those of you not in the industry, but nowadays, books and even whole magazines are put together by a staff of many people who often have never met in person. Dark Moon Books is no different. I had dealt with Stan, conversing sometimes several times a day through email, for over a year as we put together the stories that would become Ad Nauseam, without having ever heard each others voices!

Craig Garrett, Jennifer Word and Myself

WHC was the first time that we were to meet, as well as many other members of the staff and some very great face book friends. I was nervous, but at the same time, I felt as though I’d known Stan my whole life. And you know what? I might as well have. ūüôā Meeting Stan wasn’t awkward at all, in fact, he was just as I’d imagined him to be. It felt great to hug the man that had given me my first break in the industry, both by publishing my first short story AND my first fiction collection. Dark Moon Books, but particularly Stan Swanson, has been a huge force in my life lately and I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to meet and spend time with him. Hell, just to hug him. I love Stan Swanson, and I honestly feel like he and the Dark moon crew are now family to me.

Mina and Myself-Oh the red-headed HORROR!

Besides Stan, some other Dark Moon people that I got the pleasure of meeting were my editor Mina Matthews, Lori Michelle, Max Booth III, Micheal O’Neal, Abner Goodwin, and Eric Guinard. Last, but certainly not least, my fellow Ovalteens (it’s an inside thing) Jennifer Word, Craig Garrett and Julie Jansen! (We missed you so much Axel!)

¬†From one of my favorite Facebook groups, Kindle Horror Books, I met Stacey Turner, Paul Dail, Mark Scioneaux, Robert Shane Wilson,¬†Jennifer Wilson,¬†Charles Day¬†and Andy The Undead Reviewer Taylor. They were all exactly like they are on the computer. A little bit goofy, but so fun to be around. Everyone was great, and I’m sure I’m leaving some of you out, forgive me if you would. I could go on and on about all my wonderful friends, but I think I will leave you now to just enjoy a few pictures of them. It is my most heart-felt desire that I will someday meet every last one of you. Well, not the crazy ones, but most of you! Much Love—C.W. LaSart

The Lovely Stacey Turner from Angelic Knight Press and Myself at the Stokers.


Lou and the Awesome Ms. Julie Jansen


Paul Dail-If you ever get the chance to watch him read live, take it! He's amazing.


Charles Day from Evil Jester Press and Myself. He talks like a wiseguy, it was so cool!


Robert Shane Wilson from Nightscape Press and Myself. Okay, we might have been drunk.....


Mark Scioneaux from Nightscape Press and Myself. Sitting at the Horror For Good table.


Mmmmmmm Cake Vodka, with Jennifer Fuckin Word!


The KHB Boys, doing what they do!


Dark Moon Crew from Left to Right: Julie Jansen, Jennifer Word, Myself, Lori Michelle and Max Booth III


Dark Moon Presents GHOSTS!

Happy Monday friends! I trust you have all survived the weekend. Today I am going to spare you from my usual rant and just do a little shameless promoting! Dark Moon Presents GHOSTS! is now available wherever books are sold, including my short story Mommy .¬†Just click the picture above to buy from Amazon. I hope you will all check it out! Remember that the back cover art is special and when you place Dark Moon Presents ZOMBIES! (already available), Dark Moon Presents GHOSTS!, and Dark Moon Presents VAMPIRES! (out soon) together, it will form a unique image. Did I also mention that I have stories in all three? So why not check out these excellent special editions while we all wait for the release of Ad Nauseam in January? You won’t be sorry. I might even scare you….

Fun Is Fun and Done Is Done!

Happy Labor Day my friends! I hope you are all out enjoying the season’s last hoorah for picnics and outdoor activities, but I know that sadly,¬†a lot¬†of you are working today. What a strange holiday. For all who are lucky enough to work jobs with paid holidays, how about we give extra appreciation to those in the service industry who do not? I’d like to give a shout out to the hardworking crew at Dempsey’s Brewery, Pub and Restaurant who are slaving away today to make sure the people of this little burg can have a burger and a pint if they so desire. Also to the police, medical personal, firemen, soldiers etc. who never have a day off from their service. You guys/gals are all rockstars in my book!

On a different subject, I am happy to announce that I have finished the final story for Ad Nauseam. We are in the home stretch now! Just some editing, choosing the 13 stories which will make the book, formatting, proofreading then off to the printer! It’s close my friends, and I am feeling such a sense of relief. The last 5 months have been amazing, the opportunities and friends made, but I’m tired and looking forward to taking a break for a couple of weeks. Of course, that’s after I finish two or three other projects, but damnit! there must be a vacation in there somewhere! Thank you all fr supporting me during this crazy time and letting me hop on my soapbox to vent! You are all great. I hope that next week I will be able to get back to a more informative post, but this week I’m too burned out for the brainstorming.

It will still be a couple of months (maybe less, fingers crossed!) until Ad Nauseam is available, but until then check out the Special Issues from Dark Moon Digest that are being released in September, October and November. ZOMBIES! is already available wherever books are sold and includes my story All The Rage. I hope you enjoy it! Dark Moon Presents : ZOMBIES!

Some Rock Stars In My Life!

I have already advised you all about the importance of not being an asshole, so to save myself from coming across as one, I think it’s about time I mentioned some very important people in my life. This last year has been one of the most amazing of my life, with many very exciting opportunities and¬† occurrences. I wonder how I could’ve possibly dealt with it on my own. Actually, I know the answer to that. I couldn’t have. With that in mind, I would like to introduce you all to some Rock Stars in my own life. The people who help me be who I am. Here they are in no particular order.

First off I want to thank my family. My three wonderful children who make me get up every morning and try. Watching them grow up with their dreams and ambitions has given me a reason to chase my own. Mommy loves you wee ones! My beloved Lou who has given me the love and happiness required to be in the frame of mind I need to write, and the unwavering support despite losing my company many late nights to a glowing computer screen. My parents who have never failed to support me in whatever I try to do, and raised me to believe that I can have or be whatever I want if I work hard enough for it. My sister, brother-in-law and niece and nephews whom I don’t see nearly enough, but who always have my back no matter what.

Thank you to the best group of friends a gal could have! Kacy who pre-edits ALL my work for nothing more than friendship. Jeni, Angie, Marcia, and Amber for believing in me and refusing to entertain the notion that I might NOT be the next Stephen King. Thanks for all the support from my extended group of friends and writers such as Craig Wallwork, Draven Ames and Ken Cain-you guys rock! And of course my colleagues at Dark Moon Digest-Kevin McClintock, Araminta Mathews, Julie Jansen, Jennifer Word, Axel Howerton, David AET, Max Booth III and Craig Garrett, for not only being great writers, but making me feel like a part of the family.

Thank you to Jeana Cherland for designing the website, cuz Lord knows I couldn’t have done it without help. All my facebook fans and twitter followers-without you guys, what would be the point?

Perhaps one of the biggest thanks to Stan Swanson of Dark Moon Digest and Dark Moon Books, for not only taking a chance on me, but believing in my writing enough to help me pursue my dreams. Stan is a wonderful guy and during this process we have crossed the line from author/publisher, to being friends. You rock out loud Stan!

And last but not least-I thank God for all my blessings, my opportunities and whatever talent I may have (which some will no doubt find debatable). Thank you also to my MUSE-that twisted bitch who lives in my head, way deep where it’s dark and scary, relentlessly driving me on to tell my tales.

I certainly hope I didn’t leave anyone out, but I’m sure I have. If you are one of those very deserving souls in need of recognition, forgive for the oversight. I wouldn’t want to lose any of your friendships or wonderful presences in my life. Without my amazing group of friends and family, I would be nothing more than a woman and a computer screen, quietly pecking my life away. What a frightening thought!


I Suddenly Dread the Number 13.

Okay, so you’ve all seen the new cover, and so far there has been nothing but positive feedback. I’m so glad you all like it. I myself am in love with the art and feel I am able to gush about it a bit, since I had no part in this creative endeavor. I LOVE it so very much! It’s exactly the type of rockstar cover I would want. Thanks Stan, you are amazing my friend. But if you will notice, it calls for 13 tales from me. 13. Yes, 13. To date, I have 10, hopefully 11¬†if he likes the story I¬†wrote last night¬†(I think he will). So for the sake of being hopeful, let’s call it 11. That leaves¬†4 more stories and only¬†1 more week until August, which was my deadline. We decided to push that deadline out a bit, but it still needs to be done soon. You are probably doubting my math skills right now since 4+11 doesn’t equal 13, but I will explain. Two more stories plus an additional 2 just so we can pick and chose which are the best (total of 15 to chose from) equals 4 more stories. Doesn’t seem that daunting to you , I’m sure. But add in 3 kids in softball. That’s 3 games a week plus tournaments. Also figure in 3 nights a week of bar-tending. Tired of the math yet? Did I mention editing all of those stories multiple times plus the 3 other stories that have been accepted for special issues? How about the flash fiction charity collection that I have promised several pieces to in hopes of one being accepted? But wait-that one isn’t due until October. Then there’s my Twitter page, 3 facebook pages, Google+, a goodreads account, multiple forums to keep up on¬†and this website to run. And this blog of course. Did I mention all the planning for a book launch? All that said, I am still having the time of my life. I’m stressed as hell, but it has come to my attention that I just might be crazy enough to be enjoying it too! Don’t mistake me for being ungrateful, I am always aware of my good fortune and very glad for the opportunities that have been knocking at my front door in mobs. I just need you all to know why I haven’t washed my hair in two days. Or why I exist on coffee and chocolate donuts for days on end!

Don’t worry, I will get it all done. And I will be very happy when I do. But if any of you run into me on the street and I am muttering to myself with bald patches and nails chewed to the cuticle-I just wanted to let you know why. Look me up in September, I should be more human then! I am also rewarding myself and Lou with a working vacation in March. We have been invited to attend the World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City. It will all be worthwhile then, and hey! Maybe someday I will actually be able to earn a living at this writing gig. ūüôā Until then, I have work to do, and sometimes it scares the hell out of me…..

Chasing Your Dreams

Well, June is almost over and with it, one third of our Summer. Not that it’s felt much like Summer here in the soggy Midwest where we have seen daytime lows in the fifties some days, but it’s still been a pretty good month for me. I have gotten to spend more time with my kids, and I am finally settling in to a decent writing routine after spending the last few weeks struggling to get things done. I have seen my oldest win her softball tournament, my story Dr. Johnson’s Patient, make the finals in a contest for Cemetery Dance (the voting is still going until Wednesday and I refuse to say where I am for fear of jinxing it!), my daughters followed in my footsteps today by beginning what I hope is a lifelong love of volunteering at the animal shelter, and my boy, my baby, turns 6 on Thursday. With the passing of June, I also have moved up to only one month until my deadline for Ad Nauseam. This has caused me much anxiety this month, but it seems I am back in the groove, finishing two stories over the last few days and beginning a new one tonight. God and Stan Swanson willing, when this one is finished, I will only have two more to go, and a month in which to finish them and do final edits. Why does life always seem to speed up during the Summer months, when it should slow down? I think for those of us who spend nine months in Winter and a mere three with decent weather, it’s because we are desperate to make the most of the sunshine.

Saturday evening, I spent some time on the front deck of Dempsey’s, where I work, with Mr. Bill Dempsey himself. He asked how the book was going and then he said something I will treasure for the rest of my days. “Caren,” he said. “I am so proud of you for doing this. So many people spend their whole lives doing nothing because they just assume they will fail. But you are chasing your dreams, and there’s nothing you can’t do if you try hard enough.” Needless to say, this left me feeling slightly verklempt and very appreciative. I adore Bill Dempsey, he is the kindest man that I have ever worked for and though he knows that if I reach any level of success, my nights of working for him will be over, he is still supportive of me and my dreams. What he said is the truth. What a wise old irishman I work for. Many do live their lives, despising the mediocrity but unwilling to try for something spectacular for fear of failing. Or worse, expecting life to just hand them the good things, without any work on their part. I know my children are watching the process of me trying to break into the writing industry and are very proud of me. Even if I fail miserably, I want them to see me trying, to know that I chased my dreams for all my worth and learn that they can do the same. I want them to walk away from their upbringing with the knowledge that they can do anything they want, if they work hard and want it bad enough. If not, then I have failed them, and nothing scares me more…


Have you checked out Dark Moon Digest Issue 4 yet? I have and it’s great! Why not order your copy today!

What Really Scares YOU?

Everyone is afraid of something. I don’t care how brave you act. We all have those triggers that make us quake inside. I’m not talking about the thinking fears, fear of death, fear of loss, fear of accidents. What I’m talking about is the irrational fears that we drag up from childhood. Sometimes these fears grow with us as we mature, other times they run so deep that they can plunge us instantly back into a state where we are children once again. Some fears have been with us since a time before we can remember.

These fears are my bread and butter. I make a living trying to exploit these fears we all have, in hopes that I can, even just for a few minutes, distract you from the really terrifying things that we as adults, must face every day. I think that is the ultimate purpose and source of the appeal of the horror genre. We all know what we should really be scared of, but it’s more fun to think about the things that petrified us as kids. I have quite a few of these lingering terrors, spiders, the dark (I have never denied that I am still afraid of the dark, though I deal with it better as an adult), strange noises in the night. I know where the spider thing came from. When I was a kid, a fireman down the block was bitten on the toe by a black widow after he left his work boots next to the wood pile. Certain that I didn’t want the same thing to happen to me, but lacking rational thought and any good sense, I decided I would check each shoe before putting my foot in. I did this of course with my hands! Yeah, dumb I know, but I was about 8 or so and like I said, rational thinking wasn’t my best trait yet. This went on for several weeks until the fateful morning that there was indeed a spider in my shoe, and it bit my finger. Fortunately it was a harmless field spider, but it was BIG and very scary. That same summer, I came across a bizarre, lumpy-looking spider on the sidewalk. I hated spiders by then, so I¬†decided it was my duty to squash it’s hateful guts out. The lumps on its back turned out to be about a thousand tiny baby spiders and though I managed¬†to¬†kill Mama, the babies survived and swarmed up my bare leg. There are many more ¬†spider related incidents, but if I think about them anymore, I will need a quick therapy session!

Sometimes we know where our phobias originated (like the spiders, EWWWW!) but often we don’t. One of my nephews is terrified of clowns, many others are afraid of bees or rodents. I myself am not afraid of rodents, I own three gerbils and an ornery Norwegian rat named Booger. He sits on my shoulder, but when he bites, well, it ain’t pretty. I remember when my oldest daughter was about 3, we came across a cooler that had been left in our backyard in the sun. Before I could stop her, she flipped the lid off and the thing was teaming, and I do mean teaming, with maggots. She ran away screaming before she even got a chance to smell them. Something in her was instinctively repulsed by all those squirming white worms, she had nightmares for weeks. Sometimes fear is like that, no conscious thought, just instinct. There is nothing wrong with maggots, sure they’re gross, but they can’t hurt you. They are actually beneficial in many ways. So why was my sweet little toddler so petrified? It’s just one of those things we will never know. I’m rambling a bit here, so I better cut myself off. First though, if I might, I would like to pose a question. What really scares you? I will be taking notes, there might be a story in it!


Why not check out Dark Moon Digest Issue #4? My story Sirens is in there. Maybe it will scare you!

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