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On The Publishing Front

Hey friends. Not a whole lot to say today, so I thought I’d get you up to speed on what I’ve been up to. I had a story included in Frightmares, just click on the picture if you’re interested! In other news, Dark Moon Presents Zombies! and Dark Moon Presents Ghosts! are both available, with Dark Moon Presents Vampires! coming out any day now. I’ve sold a couple of reprints, A Wise Woman’s Revenge will be coming out in May December Publications Wake The Witch Anthology, and Sirens will be included in the premiere issue of Dark River Press’s new magazine due out in February. Other than re-writes for Ad Nauseam and one other story for Slices of Flesh, I am taking it easy for the rest of the year. I intend to spend the holidays with my family and reflect on what a crazy, busy, and wonderfully blessed year 2011 has been for me. Cheers friends—C.W. LaSart

Dark Moon Presents GHOSTS!

Happy Monday friends! I trust you have all survived the weekend. Today I am going to spare you from my usual rant and just do a little shameless promoting! Dark Moon Presents GHOSTS! is now available wherever books are sold, including my short story Mommy . Just click the picture above to buy from Amazon. I hope you will all check it out! Remember that the back cover art is special and when you place Dark Moon Presents ZOMBIES! (already available), Dark Moon Presents GHOSTS!, and Dark Moon Presents VAMPIRES! (out soon) together, it will form a unique image. Did I also mention that I have stories in all three? So why not check out these excellent special editions while we all wait for the release of Ad Nauseam in January? You won’t be sorry. I might even scare you….

*COFFIN HOP* H-Aye-Double Ell-Oh-Double You-Double Eee-En! *COFFIN HOP*

Danse Macabre Click Here for accompanying music!

In the interest of fairly using the images below and not being sued for all the money I don’t have, clicking each costume will take you directly to the site where you can buy it! See, it’s actually free advertising 🙂


WELCOME Boils and Ghouls! We are so pleased you could join us for the Coffin Hop. Over the next week, many talented professionals from the horror world will be doing what they can to terrify, amuse or entice you-all the while, offering contests and giveaways to make your Halloween special. I will be giving away a fun package consisting of an Ad Nauseam coffee mug, a signed copy of Dark Moon Presents Zombies! and other tokens of Halloween delight. Keep reading to find out how to enter!


*WARNING This post is not meant for sexy goth girls, strippers or hookers! You dress this way everyday*




Those familiar with this blog, know that this is the time when I start talking about what scares me or just plain pisses me off. I wouldn’t want to disappoint my friends, so today I’m going to chat with you about something that really chaps my ass about Halloween these days. This has always been my most sacred of all holidays, the most highly anticipated night of the year since I was a wee child. Candy and costumes, wandering around after dark on a school night with friends, dressing up as whatever monster or spook you could talk your mother into doing the makeup for. What’s not to love about Halloween? School parties where my own Mom would dress as the Bride of Frankenstein and hand out treats and cups of witch’s brew, complete with a cauldron boiling smoke from a chunk of dry ice. Even as a teen, when I was much too cool to go Trick-Or-Treating, I still enjoyed dressing up as a zombie and scaring the kids who knocked at my door. Never once have I bitched upon seeing the decorations show up in the stores, the way we do when we see Christmas lights in November. No “Are you kidding me? ALREADY?” I love Halloween. I really do.


I spent the usual amount of time on last year’s costume. A good deal of makeup, custom fangs and colored contacts though less blood than I would’ve liked, but hey, I work in a restaurant. The whole ensemble came across as a sort of New Orleans Voodoo Vampire Queen. It wasn’t as complex as the Zombie Prom Queen from the year before, but I was proud of it. Lou donned his coveralls (he even rolled on the garage floor for authenticity) and his deluxe Michael Myers mask and met me after my shift so we could go out to the bars for a few drinks and to take in all the other costumes. My delight turned sour the second we stepped foot in the first bar. Good God! I had to look twice to make sure I hadn’t wandered into the local strip club! Never in my life had I seen so many half naked women when there was frost on the ground! It was like Spring Break gone horribly wrong (more than usual even!). I quickly ran through every Halloween song I could remember, witches, ghosts, ghouls, vampires, but not a single one mentioned sluts! It is the season for horrors, not whores!


Before you all start thinking I’m hating on the hot chicks, I’m not. First of all, the majority of the naughty nurses, sexy cops and faux french maids that are running around, DO NOT look anything like these models. Oh no, there is no shortage of stuffed bras and cellulite riddled thighs on display. And once again, I am not hating on women who aren’t perfect. Hell, I’m not perfect. And now you will say I am trying to hate on women’s sexuality. Once again, no. I can get my freak on with the best of them! Just ask Captain Louie about his Saucey Wench, or better yet, don’t! It’s none of your damned business anyways 🙂


I have no problem with women who have a healthy love of their bodies, celebrating their own sexiness, but why do they all think that Halloween is an excuse to dress like harlots? Even women who aren’t normally inclined to dress in such a manner, often come wandering in the door in little more than their underwear. I guess I’m a bit of a snob. I don’t see the problem with dressing sexy on Halloween, so long as your costume is at least scary. I have seen my share of erotic vampires and witches. I’m okay with those. I saw a gal dressed as a zombie once with the most impressive rotting bossom. Nothing wrong with that. Halloween can be sexy, heck yeah it can! But there are limits ladies. It’s not an excuse to wear your lingerie and nothing else. And the occasional playboy bunny or cheerleader is alright (actually, cheerleaders can be downright terrifying) but things are getting a bit overdone. Last year I visited 8 bars. EIGHT! And you know what? I was the only vampire. I counted one witch, NO damned zombies and not a single Jason Vorhees. What is this world coming to? The most irritating part was the fact that almost none of the men wore costumes at all! Why should they? They were just there for the parade of flesh, hoping to pick up an inebriated nurse or intoxicated cheerleader on their way out the door.


This is more than a rant. I have a practical purpose to my bitching. You could even call this a Public Service Announcement! There are some inherent dangers that come with this alarming trend. Forget for a moment that it’s October and you run the risk of freezing off your, um, goods.  But as you stumble towards the dancefloor with your randy partner too close behind, you are wearing a skirt so short that should you misstep in those stripper heels and stumble for even a second, he is certain to be ALL up in your business, ensuring that the only Halloween costume you will be purchasing next year will be size 0-3 months! And the most important thing? Anyone who knows anything about horror, knows that the first one to get killed when the slasher comes calling, is the gal in the slutty costume! When it comes down to Run Bitch, Run! you can’t, having traded in your more sensible shoes for 6 inch porn star stillettos and a skirt so short that if you bend over, you will show off your who-who. So one way or another, you’re screwed!


There are 364 other days of the year to dress like a slut. Well okay, 362 because no one does that shit on Christmas or Thanksgiving…then again, there’s Easter too. Okay so there’s LOTS of other occasions to dress as scantily as possible, most of them during the summer, but New Years Eve is always a cold weather option! If you want to make Halloween sexy, try a little witch dress or vamp gown. Leave the French Maid and the Naughty Nurse in the bedroom. Keep it scary, will ya? And be safe. If not, we will miss you when the killer mounts your head on a pike. Well, not so much us ladies, but I’m sure the guys will.


Now that you’ve read the blog, here’s where you sign up for the contest! All I ask of each of you is that you subscribe to my blog (not just the comments) and leave a comment below to let me know you did. That’s it and your name goes in the hat! Should you want a better chance at winning you can do as follows for extra entries into the pot: Follow me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter, Tweet a link to this blog (include my name @CWLaSart) or share one of my facebook posts! Don’t forget to include the extras you did in your comment! Thanks for stopping by and you can resume the Coffin Hop by clicking the picture to the left! Remember, the more sites you visit, the more FREE SHIT you could win! Stay scared my friends.~C.W. LaSart

Are You Horror’s Biggest Fan?

Happy Monday once again my friends! Here we are only 2 weeks away from Halloween and just 7 short days from the beginning of the Coffin Hop! I hope you are as excited as I am. Fall is in full swing and I feel my mood lifting as my favorite season takes hold. 🙂 No self-respecting horror fan would admit to loving Summer over Fall. It’s against the rules. You must love Halloween, Stephen King and all things Lovecraft to be a true horror fan. Wait….what? I don’t even like Lovecraft (though I do adore Mr. King.) Are you as tired as I am of genre snobs trying to tell you what’s acceptable to like and what you must consider garbage? You know who I’m talking about, maybe it’s even YOU! Those people who consider themselves elite, their opinions above everyone else’s, their knowledge superior. They often use the word purist, and they are present in every avenue of artistic beauty, from music, to films, to literature.

I went to the movies this weekend with my beloved Lou. Despite reading nothing but horrendous reviews, we decided to take a chance on The Thing, which promised to be a prequel to the original, rather than a remake. Having not seen a single positive note about the film, I will admit I had lowered my expectations. I must say, though it wasn’t the best horror film I have ever seen, it wasn’t bad. We both enjoyed it. Neither one of us felt we’d been screwed out of 20 bucks and two hours of our lives. The review that sticks out most in my mind, went on and on about the lack of suspense compared to the original, the lack of character development compared to the original, the blah-de-fucking-blah compared to the original. Anyway, it got me thinking about that group of assholes, you know who I’m talking about, that think they are Horror’s Biggest Fan. It’s not enough that they declare they have seen EVERYTHING horror has to offer, but they also will dissect each and every film (or book) claiming to understand the directors motives and using pretentious terms that only college professors appreciate. You know, that schmuck that rolls his eyes, should you admit you don’t see the genius in Sam Raimi’s work, and calls you an imbecile.

These people are present in all walks of life, I have noticed they can be particularly obnoxious in the music industry, but I ask you this, why do we tolerate it? Shouldn’t you have the right to like what you like, without some pretentious prick feeling that it is his/her duty to illustrate to you just how and why you are wrong? And that’s the funniest part. It’s opinion for cripes sake! There is no right or wrong. I’m not picking on my friends who said they didn’t like The Thing. That’s their opinion and I totally respect them for it. I’m talking about that more heinous group of individuals who would treat me like a caveman for not liking Lovecraft. Clearly I am uncouth and know nothing of the genre.

Before I go any farther, some of you may be thinking back to the unfavorable post I did on the re-make of Fright Night. I stated clearly that it was only my opinion, openly admitting that I was prejudiced against the film due to both the 3D and the fact that it was a childhood favorite. I look forward to giving it another chance on DVD.

The most humorous thing about Horror’s Biggest Fan, is with his ever-present disdain for anything mainstream or commercially popular, he fails to recognize his own hypocrisy. Should you mention Scream, he will throw out some obscure title, delighting in the fact you’ve never heard of it, and informing you of how it is far superior horror since it never gained mainstream acceptance. In fact, the only constant that seems true of all these people, whether they are talking about literature or music or whatever they have styled themselves to be the experts about, is that anything with commercial success is shit. If it is universally loved by the masses, it must be worthless. I bet these people hate puppies. And fucking apple pie!

I don’t believe that you should jump on bandwagons and like something just because everyone else does. But I think it’s just as big a sin to not give something a chance because it’s popular. We are all individuals with different tastes and perceptions. I like what I like, regardless of what others say. Especially genre snobs. In fact, I will listen to their pretentious bullshit only if forced. Of course, what do I know? I’m just a buffoon who enjoys Sam Raimi’s movies, but wouldn’t call them genius. These idiots are the same ones who will soon be leaving me rambling reviews on Amazon, comparing me to Lovecraft and outlining all the ways I come up short. Now that’s scary……

The Coffin Hop is sneaking up on us! Get ready for the fun next Monday when 80+ horror authors will be hosting contests that will put the Howl in your Halloween! Visit me again on Monday, October 24th for a chance to win the items in the picture below, including a signed copy of Dark Moon Digest Presents Zombies!

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