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My Readers Are Rockstars!

I’m not one to post every good review I get all over the place. I read them. ALL of them. And I certainly appreciate them all, but I doubt you want to read reviews every damned day. So here’s some highlights of my recent reviews, what others have thought of Ad Nauseam:

“This is C.W. LaSart’s debut book, and let me just say that it is one hell of a debut. Having followed her other short stories published in previous anthologies, I was beyond excited to dig into a collection consisting entirely of her own work. And I was not let down. LaSart is quite new to the scene, but she certainly doesn’t write like it–I will not be surprised if I soon see her name on a Bestseller’s list.” Max on Amazon
“If you want a great collection of short horror, look no further. LaSart is the real deal. The highlights for me are the amazing opener ‘Simple Pleasures’; both hilarious and gruesome,’The Hand that Feeds’, which has one of the roughest, most intense sequences I’ve read in recent years, and ‘Widow’ which expertly mixes Cronenberg body horror with John Waters style suburban satire. I haven’t been this satisfied reading a horror collection by one author since Joe Hill’s ’20th Century Ghosts’. Pick it up. ” Escoe Allen on Amazon
“I can’t wait for C.W. to write another short story collection or novel. This book just wasn’t enough. ” Witchreader on Amazon
“C.W. LaSart uses evocative prose with mind-numbingly gruesome description. Every story in this book is worth reading. There is not a one that I did not like. I highly recommend Ad Nauseam. Warning: not for the weak at heart. This is one disgusting read. ” Abby from Hobbes End Reviews
“I highly recommend this one for fans of Clive Barker and AMC’s American Horror Story. So, don’t be afraid… you know you want it. ” Jack Babalon author of High Midnight
“Each tale is superbly written. Each has a wonderful flow from the opening paragraph to the last sentence. My personal favorites in the collection were Micah’s Muse, Bone Phone, Carnality and Angel Lust. All three evoked a different response from my psyche – which is exactly what a story should do.If you like your horror more on the extreme side, you cannot go wrong with this collection. I predict that C. W. LaSart will be a name that in the not so distant future will be compared to both Richard Laymon and Ramsey Campbell. ” Kat Yares from Amazon
“From the very first story I read in her collection, I was hooked on this author’s unique style. “Simple Pleasures” was engaging, fun, and downright creepy. “Widow” had me itching until the very end. Both were my favorites, and both were genuinely scary and yes, extreme!I look forward to reading more from C. W., and trust me, once you start reading some of her work, you’re sure as &*^%$# going to come back for more as well!Two bony thumbs up, and a special evil grin from the jester for this fine, fine collection. Love it!!
“One of the exciting new voices in horror, C.W. LaSart is most definitely “the stuff”. Dark, gory, horrifying stories like Clive Barker and Big Steve used to write. Some of these stories are like H.P. Lovecraft on bath salts. Some of them are like King in full-on IT mode. Brilliantly encapsulated, finely wrought and completely unforgettable. If you like your horror gruesome, disturbing and full of sex and death, C.W. LaSart has your medicine. Drink it down, baby!” Axel Howerton author of Hot Sinatra
“I picked up a copy of Ms. LaSart’s Ad Nauseum via the Horror Writer’s Association Bram Stoker Award® 2012 recommendation sheet. I read some of her work prior to reading this collection, so I knew what to expect. She has a vivid writing style that holds your attention. These stories did not disappoint, engaging and wrapping me up in their horror. She has the unique ability of combining the sick with the sicker, making for gruesome yet enjoyable tales. While not every story worked for me, the vast majority of them were outstanding, and I would highly recommend this collection to anyone who enjoys the genre.” Ken Cain author of These Old Tales
“Simply put, if you’re a horror fan you absolutely can’t afford to pass by this wonderful collection. It’s rare to come across such a great new talent in the horror field, but CW Lasart is poised to make waves and break through big time. Her writing style and skill are well beyond most of her peers and her imagination seems wired to conjure up some really great things. I can’t recommend this one highly enough.” Bryan Hall author of The Vagrant
“Best single-author collection I’ve read in 2012. I look forward to reading more of this author’s work. ” A. Ludens from Amazon
“the imagination of the author is vast and obviously very active creating for interesting reads about things that I don’t see normally in stories.” Jessica Tate from Goodreads.
“Sister Alice’s Suitor grossed me out beyond belief! It wasn’t even the necrophilia that grossed me out so much. It was her delivery. I truly thought I was going to throw up. Some really gross stories in this book!” Lea from Goodreads

And The Winner Is…

The Boogeyman!

Just Click Big Steve’s face above to read my review of The Boogeyman and start Stephen King month off with a blast! Make sure to check back regularly to see what horror greats like Jonathan Maberry, Joe McKinney and MANY more have to say.~C.W.

It’s Coming! Are You Ready?





It’s Coming! Once again Dark Moon Books has dedicated the month of August to Stephen King. Hop over to the LastWrites blog (Just Click big Steve’s face) starting Wednesday to read awesome reviews of some of King’s best short stories, by writers you know and love. See why we picked our stories and the impact they had on us as horror fans and writers. Check back every day to see what story I reviewed and why. Happy King Month, fellow fans!—C.W. LaSart

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